If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. ‘Marcus Tullius Cicero’


At Heritage Landscapes we have been building great gardens for over 20 years around the Hull, Beverley, surrounding villages, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas. Whilst some of our clients will require only a driveway or a patio we find an ever increasing number wanting to either re-design their garden or create a new garden from scratch. We offer a free 30-minute consultation (usually over a cup of tea), in which we listen to a customer’s specific needs. We can usually recommend the best way forward always remembering that it is your garden and not ours. Therefore, we will offer suggestions and are not offended if they are not embraced.

Each year sees us carrying out a huge range of work from very large country gardens covering several acres to small town gardens perhaps only measuring 5 metres by 6 metres. We can offer a full design service producing sketch designs, detailed drawings
including perspective views and planting plans if required. If you want a garden to be proud of we often suggest writing three lists,

a) write down all the likes within the garden, this may be something simple like the large amount of wildlife, the view from the garden or
specific plants;

b) the dislikes, this may be very general like the garden is not interesting or very specific like we have no privacy; and

c) we call it desires, at this point we see a dream everything that you would hope to have within your new garden. Our aim is to make the dream a reality.

Hull Gardening and Landscapes
Hull Garden and Landscapes
Hull Garden and Landscapes
Hull Garden and Landscapes


At Heritage Landscapes we are regularly asked to look at client’s lawns and each year we create a substantial number of new ones. Years ago the only decisions that had to be made would have been whether the sub soils and top soils were suitable and what type of turf or seed would be best, but now we are also faced with should we consider using artificial turf.
We find an increasing number of people are choosing this route. Undoubtedly the manufacturers have got better than the early products that we saw.

As horticulturists, we can hardly believe that we do this sort of work let alone embrace it. It is undeniable that for
some people artificial turf is the best option. Our experience shows that these are usually people that are not time rich, perhaps working away or elderly people that want a beautiful garden but are unable to maintain a lawn themselves or for whatever reason has been unsuccessful in obtaining the services of a reputable gardener. It is worth mentioning at this

It is worth mentioning at this point that the artificial turf that we are now supplying comes with a seven-year guarantee against fading from UV light. We are also regularly asked how suitable it is to be used with pets and we would just suggest collecting any faeces and rinsing if required. With traditional lawns, the single effective thing that can be done to enhance the overall appearance is to produce neat edges. This can be done with either an edging spade or by creating a mowing strip around the perimeter of the lawn. We always suggest regular treatments of weed, feed and moss killer and a program of scarifying and aeration also benefits the lawn.

We offer a free 20-minute consultation should you be considering a new lawn.

Turf. Artificial Turf Hull
Turf and Artificial Turf Hull

Fencing and Timber

At Heritage Landscapes we carry out a large range of fencing projects each year. On many of the gardens that we create it is true to say that we always look at the boundaries as one of the priorities. Nowadays, we have a lot of options from simple post and rail, hit & miss, feather edge timber to many of the continental style panels. For longevity, it is sometimes hard to beat using concrete posts with a gravel board and a panel that slots in.

We supply and fit a large range of arches, arbours, gazebos, pergolas, sheds and summerhouses and as we are totally independent we are not tied to using one manufacturer over another.

We live in very interesting times as we can now use many different colours to enhance the appearance of these structures as well as preserve them.

If necessary we have an option of custom manufacturing should it be required. We are always happy to discuss your requirements.


Garden Fencing Hull
Garden Fencing Hull

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